Grants & Scholarships


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The United Arts Council of Catawba County offers numerous opportunities for individuals and organizations to receive funding to promote arts, science and history. The State of North Carolina has named the UAC as the Designated County Partner for Catawba County. The Designated County Partner has the responsibility to redistribute funds received from the state and local governments. In addition, individuals, corporations, foundations, as well as local and state government agencies, contribute money to grants listed below.  The United Arts Council also strives to provide opportunities for the youth of our community.  Two scholarships are currently available to area youth for educational opportunities.

For more information about Grants and Scholarships, please call the United Arts Council of Catawba County at 828-324-4906 or e-mail

Collaborative Arts Projects Grants

Guidelines and Application

A new grant initiative, called Collaborative Arts Projects (CAP),  has been established by the United Arts Council of Catawba County to encourage collaborations among cultural and/or community nonprofit organizations for arts, science and history projects reaching underserved audiences. 

Community Cultural Fund

The Community Cultural Fund promotes cultural activities, throughout Catawba County enabling municipalities and non-profit organizations to provide cultural programs at community and heritage festivals and events for their respective communities. Special priority is given to the municipalities that fund UAC, organizations representing diverse populations, events that feature artists of diversity, organizations that target special population groups and events that will potentially reach large segments of Catawba County residents.

Innovative Artist Project Grants
Deadline: March 24, 2017  

Application and Guidelines

Seeking to support area artists, the UAC has created a funding opportunity known as Innovative Project Grants from the monies raised during a silent art auction held each year as part of our annual fundraising event, the Jingle Bell Bash.  These grants are available for innovative and creative projects, with collaborative efforts encouraged.  The purpose of these grants is to create exposure and a focus on Catawba County’s support of its artists.

Projects Pool Grants
Deadline: March 24, 2017  


Print and complete application

Nonprofit organizations are awarded grants for projects that encourage innovative arts projects and will enhance and strengthen the cultural community and broaden the services offered to Catawba County citizens. Projects Pool Grants, which are administered by the United Arts Council of Catawba County, are made available by the North Carolina Arts Council through the North Carolina Grassroots Arts Program.  Additional dollars are added by Catawba County government and five municipalities, including Maiden, Catawba, Claremont, Conover, Hickory, and Newton.

Regional Artist Grants
Deadline: Friday, October 7, 2016


Guidelines in Spanish

Print & complete application

Print & complete application in Spanish

Final Report Form

This annual grant provides financial support to professional artists of all disciplines and at any stage in their careers. Regardless of the artistic discipline, the Regional Artist Projects Grants Program focuses on career development of both the individual and artistic groups. The program is supported by a grant from the North Carolina Arts Council and sponsored locally with matching monies from the United Arts Council of Catawba County, the Hiddenite Center, Burke Arts Council, Caldwell Arts Council, the Rock School Arts Foundation and McDowell Arts and Crafts Association.

Staff and Board Development Grants
Deadline: 30 days before conference or workshop

(Print & Complete Application)

Staff and board members of UAC member organizations, with the exception of public and private school teachers, qualify to receive this type of grant to attend workshops and conferences that will strengthen their professional skills and expand their capabilities.

Theatre in Arts Grant

Guidelines and Application

The TAG (Theatre Arts Grant) is available to help defray costs for theatre productions at public high schools in Catawba County.  Qualified applicants can apply for a maximum of $500.  These grants are available throughout the school year or until the funds are exhausted.  Applications may be sent to Kathy Greathouse, Executive Director, at

Edna Bost Barringer Young Artist Award for Visual and Literary Arts

Deadline: March 31, 2017

Guidelines and Entry Form

Created by the family of Edna Bost Barringer in her memory, this scholarship is awarded annually by the United Arts Council to area youth under the age of 21.  The competition is alternated each year between visual/literary artists and performing artists.  Judges from the North Carolina School of the Arts select the winner(s).  The total amount awarded each year is $1,000.  This amount may be given to an individual or broken into two awards of $500 each.  This award goes to students planning to pursue career in the arts.

Sharon Brown Scholarship


The Sharon Brown Scholarship, created in 2000 by a donation from Sharon Brown Justice is need based, designed to provide cultural educational opportunities to students in primary and secondary levels.  This grant encourages youth under age 19 who reside or attend school in Catawba County to further their independent cultural studies.  The scholarship may be used in the study of music, drama/acting, voice, visual art, dance, writing, historic/genealogy, and architecture/historic preservation.  The grant may not be for collegiate studies.