Organization Information



Organizational Finances

Please attach complete income and expense statement (an audit may be substituted) for your last fiscal year and complete operating budgets for the current fiscal year and next fiscal year. Public schools and other large governmental or community agencies should attach arts program financial information only.


Project Description


Please attach a narrative providing the information requested below for the project you propose. Please be concise and specific as possible:

  1. Project title or summary description
  2. Project goals
  3. Description of intended participants/audience, including estimated numbers and racial and cultural composition
  4. Location where project will take place
  5. Description of project activities
  6. Description of the artists to be involved in the project, how and why they were chosen and, if appropriate, the rate of payment for their services (If you have not yet selected the artists, describe the kinds of artists you intend to involve and how you will select them.)
  7. Description of how the project will be publicized and promoted to reach intended participants
  8. Description of how you will evaluate the project


Project Budget

Please provide a projected budget for your proposed project.



We understand that failure to respond to any of the above items may adversely affect the consideration of this application. We certify that we are committed to the completion of the proposed project in compliance with legal requirements and granting procedures. We certify that the information contained in this application, including attachments and supporting materials, is true and correct to the best of our knowledge.